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Let's find the people & thinking to help us succeed post EU!

4. July 2016 18:35
by Admin

They think it's all over....

4. July 2016 18:35 by Admin | 4 Comments

I want to make a request right at the start of all of this. I want this to be done properly. I want us to actually realise that our backs are against the wall and stop messing about. This isn't a game. If we do not realise that every day we write the story of our own lives, then we are wasting everything that anyone who has ever died for England has given us. Now is our time to win. Now is our time to look up to the skies, not down at our feet. We may have been divided by the politicians. We may have been divided by the have and have nots. But we are all still English, and if we cannot unite because we no longer have anything in common between North and South, East and West, rich or poor, then we have already lost.

I am on a quest. A quest that I have begun by deciding to begin. A quest that will take me to very corner of the England. A quest that I am excited about to the extent that I cannot sleep, that I cannot wait, that I cannot sit still. A quest to discover the best that England has to give. And I don't mean to the world, I mean to us, the English!

All I ask is that you stop all of the sarcasm, all of the negativity, all of the nonsense. Just take a moment to sense the feeling around us all at the moment in our country. We are not scared through to the bone. We are not scared stiff. We are a little scared of the uncertainty, and this is my favourite recipe for excitement.

I am mounting a campaign to discover the best that we have to offer for our own improvement. To get ourselves fit to fight the battle that awaits us. We must unite against those who would divide us for personal gain, for money, for profit or from simple selfishness. Our future lies together as a country that we are proud of and that lives for generosity, good nature and happiness.

Join us now, join Search England!