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9. July 2020 15:07
by Admin

The Language That Everyone Speaks

9. July 2020 15:07 by Admin | 0 Comments

The Language That Everyone Speaks

There are some truly fascinating ideas brought together in this video, if you ignore the preoccupation he has with ‘sound’ even though he begins the video claiming sound is not universal. A most valuable premise is that he realises conception lies within a language that we all speak - the language of cognition, which sustains our model of the universe.


This is way beyond language, this is a pronouncement of another cognitive system that transcends matter. The movement of rice on a drum is just this system intruding into the dream we have blinded ourselves with using language and reason.

This is a venture into dream state, and one that we need to start making regularly until we need no longer return here.

Adam didn’t name the animals, he conceived them, and so they were thus. Conception is creation - the words tell us so. We conceive a child, and it is so. We conceive ourselves. Perception is something far more under our control than we are currently at terms with. The action of speaking the language of creation creates our world, and it is not simply paleo Hebrew, it is a language before sound, before ears and before reason. It is the language/frequency/mechanism, of our awareness, perception and reality. It is the language of existence.

Now Dave Murphy goes on to say that each of the letters has meaning and that the symbols are based upon various different pictorial elements, such as Ah being the Ox. Now the issue here is that the most powerful animal when humans were first created was most definitely not the Ox, unless what this is describing is when the Hebrews encountered beings from Atlantis and considered them gods, which would have been around 6000 BC. But these people are unlikely to have spoken the language of creation as they were busy teaching schools and armies and writing etc. at Göbekli Tepe which is a long way after the human race had been created, unless of course the beings at Göbekli Tepe were not human and created us using language, and made the creatures around us as domesticated before leaving Earth. I prefer the idea that Adam was around far earlier though, as was Paleo Hebrew, but as far as I know, Graham Hancock and pals are yet to suggest a language that the Atlantians spoke. The important part for me is that, even now, we spell words and conceive children, as well as speaking our minds. Language is definitely the building blocks of our universe (uni - single, verse - word or phrase.) which I am starting to suspect are actually words themselves. Words do not just enforce ourworld view, they create it. Let us move on to a more officially recognised fellow discussing this.

But as Noam Chomsky says, language is a system of thought, for arranging, interpreting and organising thought, and that was what is was designed for. The language bestowed upon the world by the inhabitants of the tower of babel was designed to divide the human race and make it struggle to communicate with each other. Before the tower of babel descended it's people to Earth to redesign our language, the World spoke but one language, and peace was enjoyed across all the peoples and races.

As we progress, we are urged to listen to Barack Obama saying 'Yes we can' and once again in reverse. Now I did try this on my Mac with Wavelab as the reverse M4a tool and it does sound rather the same. It actually sounds like 'Mac you say' which is kind of ironic. I have tested a few of his speeches and am yet to be convinced that he is a bad person. I have heard him say 'The Elite, they're all horrible' in one of his speeches, but he does not seem to be a bringer of misery, just a cog in a bigger wheel. George W Bush unfortunately makes no sense whether I play his speeches forwards or backwards. I will have a look at some of Trump's speeches this week though.

Now to Terrence McKenna, who speaks of a simple truth that Carlos Casteneda delved into deeply. That words are a construct to cease investigation of the world around us. That they are a replacement for rich experience of our world and consist of simple symbolism that collapses an unrepeatable experience into a single, repeatable sound that is entirely symbolic and neither synthesizes, nor represents anything to do with real experience or memory. English literally hijacks our experience and memory of the world and reduced it to that of a computer, recalling arrays of symbols as replacement of life.

Now we are with Jill Bolte Taylor who suffered from a stroke and lost communication with the left hand side of her brain and her brain chatter that she described as the part of her consciousness that 'attaches her to her daily world' which is a description that I particularly enjoy. So here we are, that we exist in the astral plane with a connection to the daily world only through our language and consciousness.

And now we reach the ability that animals have to generate images with the sounds that they make. That a dolphin can generate an image of who it is addressing simply by the sounds that it makes. That babies are speaking a language to us immediately from birth, and that we are not listening in the language that they understand. A young daughter is compared to an Arabic woman in terms of speech and there definitely similarities.