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30. January 2022 13:15
by Admin

The Rothschild's Deal With America

30. January 2022 13:15 by Admin | 0 Comments

The Rothschilds must have planned the first and second world wars with the new world order in the US. They realsied that they could not stay in the Middle East without the protection of a new super power and so struck a deal with the Americans in the 1740s and 50s. Washington was organised to murder French troops and distract the European powers whilst the Jews organised the new US/World leaders or 'Founding Fathers' who would betray their own European race in order to become leaders of the New World. Some believed it would take three World Wars but two sufficed. The Second World War allowing the Jews to transform a people who had fled Europe to avoid war into the most destructive war machine in history. The new 'super power' would guard Israel from the rest of the Middle East and the Rothschilds had only to take their Jewish Banking offspring to take over the European banks and transfer all of the wealth to the US and Israel. Now their control is so complete, that they no longer require the US and the 'Georgia Guidestones' mob will happily destroy their own races to enter some sort of fantasy harmony with the Planet Earth. 

Of course the Jews will then be the majority and will have no use for the US and enslave the German part fo their population and destroy the rest of us. 

And then they will be revealed to have been the Devil all along...