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20. January 2022 12:26
by Admin

Why The Children Never Got COVID

20. January 2022 12:26 by Admin | 0 Comments

It is finally becoming clear why none of the children died from COVID, making COVID an obvious anomaly compared to all other diseases throughout history. The disease was not transmitted through germ theory or created in a lab and disseminated through the water or the air as Pasteur's questionable Germ Theory explains. This was injected into the elderly under the excuse of a Flu Vaccine and so it began to kill the old and give the authorities an excuse to inject the least profitable sections of society first, whose deaths could be explained away as just being old, or the flu or COVID. Now we have reached a stage where everyone has been injected with a 5G activated nano-router, neuron control tech that degenerates over time in the body, and so a regular 'booster' technology needs to be re-injected regularly.